IMPERIAL 24 colors SWATCH RING Finished Pebble Grain Thick Italian Cowhide Leather 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm PeggySueAlso™ E3205 Hides available


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Swatch ring for color matching. 23 colors!

For a better representation of each color, click on the links below
IMPERIAL Fully Finished Pebble Grain Thick Italian Cowhide
FUCHSIA Hot PINK 3.5-4 oz/1.4-1.6 mm E3205-01 /
COBALT Royal Blue 3.75-4 oz/1.5-1.6 mm E3205-02
PALE YELLOW 4-4.25oz/1.6-1.7 mm E3205-03
MINTY Aqua 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-04
closeout CEMENT light GRAY 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-05
CELTIC Blue 3.75-4 oz/1.5-1.6 mm E3205-06
AMETHYST PURPLE 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6 mm E3205-07
AVOCADO GREEN 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6 mm E3205-08
BLACK 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-09
Dark CORAL 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-10
CHRISTMAS RED 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-11
CHESTNUT Brown 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-12
PEARL GRAY 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-13
EMERALD / KELLY Green 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-14
PLUM PURPLE 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-15
PEACHY Salmon 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-16
PUMPKIN BRIGHT ORANGE 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-17
BURNT ORANGE 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-18
TAUPE 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-19
Dusty Pastel PINK 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-20
Pastel Light VIOLET 3.75-4oz/1.5-1.6mm E3205-21
NUDE / FLESH 4-4.25oz/1.6-1.7 mm E3205-22
White E3205-23
Dark Red E3200-02
Bone E3205-24

Fully Finished leather:
When tanneries make fully-finished leather out of hide, they put a dye and protective layer on it that will make it more resilient to damage than other types of leather.
It is one of the most popular finishes for upholstery because of its durability. It is used in almost all auto leather and high quality real leather furniture (it is NOT bonded leather!)
It is excellent for applications that need to withstand wear and tear, this why it’s so often used in car upholstery.
If you have kids or pets, fully-finished leather is probably the way to go with furniture leather as well.
It is easy to clean up. After something spills on fully-finished leather, you usually have time to wipe it up with a damp cloth and dry it before it is damaged from the spill.
Professionals can usually clean and repair fully-finished leather without much trouble.

It’s a fairly soft finish and naturally very pebbled looking grain. A beautiful premium line of leather
This leather is pliable, flexible and soft.
More uses are: handbags, cowboy boots, soft belts, street rods, chaps, accessories, hats, caps, saddlery, album covers, moccasins, midori journals.
The backside is a suede of nearly the same color, slightly more purple tones, that is mostly nice, but some pieces might have a stamp or fleshings other marks on them.

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Our leathers are 99% CHROME TANNED and they are NOT safe to use with laser cutter.

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